Why Should I Take A Cruise? 11 Reasons To Convince You!

why should I take a cruise

With cruising getting the bashing that it is at the moment, you may hear people ask ‘why should I take a cruise?’ which is completely justified. The media are portraying a very negative picture of what has been the fastest growing sector of the travel industry and I’m fully standing up to it to keep waving the cruise flag and convince people to carry on sailing! Feel free to share my posts and join me in this crusade (or, should that be, Cruisade!)

So, why should I take a cruise, well, let me give you 11 reasons straight up… Why 11? Well, I started with 10 but it wasn’t enough. True story. Anyway…please read on…

1. See The World!

Why should I take a cruise? To see the world! Well, ok, at least lots of ports in a short period of time! What other holiday can you take that allows you to visit several ports and even countries within a two-week period, only unpacking once and paying for (possibly) one or two flights? Plus, you know that you are seeing these places safely, you don’t have to worry about wandering dodgy parts of town at night on your own, or booking a bad hotel and eating a terrible meal that will make you sick. Cruising looks after all of this for you. You can choose your tours or just explore on your own – but with guidance from the destination experts on board. Get ticking those countries off your bucket-list!

Taj Mahal

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2. Relax!

Why should I take a cruise? To relax! If you are anything like me, you may find it hard to relax at home or even on a holiday where you are still having to sort every element. Where are you going to eat this evening, what activities can you do, where are they, how much do they cost, where are the kids, how do you get to that tourist spot tomorrow…

On a ship, you don’t have to stress about any of those things because they’re all taken care of. Which means, you can lie back on that deck chair, have a cocktail brought to you, and properly relax! The spa is nearby to go have a massage or treatment or you can just hang in the hot tubs or pool, or maybe curl up with a good book on a comfy swing chair, or order room service to your balcony…the choice is yours!

spa with hot stone treatment

3. Have fun!

Why should I take a cruise? To have fun! It’s the main reason we go on holiday, right? Cruises have this in bucket loads! Choose from activities such as iFly Skydiving, rock climbing, go karting, bowling, skating, arcades, ziplines, escape rooms…you name it, they have it.

Plus you have bars, clubs, games, trivia, casinos…or dance the night away!

Visiting the ports is always fun too, seeing new places, trying new foods, exploring off-the-beaten track villages, or maybe trying some water sports.

Whatever floats your boat, you can find it on a cruise.

iFly flight simulator

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4. Great Value for Money

Why should I take a cruise? Because they’re great value for money! This is often the number one key selling point for cruise lines. They are budget friendly and you know what you’re getting up front. Choose an inclusive cruise line, so you know how much you’re spending at the start, and don’t get hit with an unknown bill at the end, or one where you choose what to spend your money on as you go. Either way, when you break down the cost of a hotel, transfers, meals, entertainment etc from a land-based holiday and then a cruise holiday, I am confident that the cruise will win hands down. Just make sure you keep some cash for the duty-free shopping you will want to do…!

money with knife and fork

5. Meet New Friends!

Why should I take a cruise? To meet new friends! One of the things die-hard cruisers love is the opportunity to meet new people. Choose to share a table for dinner and you can form life-long friendships. If you don’t like the people you are allocated to – change!

You’ll also find that people are creatures of habit and will sit in the same place, such as front row of the theatre, or attend the daily midday trivia, or go to every dance class. These are all opportunities to build relationships with new people and increase your holiday enjoyment. You will likely also get to know the crew members, particularly your cabin steward, your waiters and maybe even the bar tenders if you go to the same bar each day. It’s a really great way to get to learn about different cultures and life on board.

group of friends eating

6. Learn a New Skill

Why should I take a cruise? To learn a new skill! There are always a ton of options, things you are unlikely to do when you’re at home or on a land-based holiday.

On longer cruises, you will probably find Bridge or Mahjong tutors on board, and on regular cruises you will always find a dance class, usually Latin, ballroom or line dance, or maybe Zumba to combine with some exercise.

If you are more of a food and wine appreciator, like me, there is always a class for honing your tasting skills, or maybe learn how to create the perfect Martini…shaken, not stirred.

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7. Create Memories With the Family

Why should I take a cruise? To create memories with the family! We all live crazy lives, running from the school drop-offs, to work, to kid’s activity classes, barely seeing your partner as you cross like ships in the night… Sound familiar?

Cruising offers you the opportunity to slow things down and actually spend quality time together. Create life-long memories through trying fun activities with the kids, or having quality conversations over a new type of cuisine. Maybe lose the kids to the kids club so you and your partner can enjoy a romantic evening together…anything is possible.

child playing in ocean

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8. Dress Up – Or Not!

Why should I take a cruise? To dress up – or maybe not, if it’s not your thang! Some people really enjoy being able to dress up for the evening and make an event of it. I know my parents often say that at their age, they don’t have many opportunities to put on a nice frock and be able to go dance somewhere. They love cruising to be able to do just that.

However, if you hate dressing up, then there are many cruise lines with no formal dress code that you can choose. It certainly helps with the weight allowance when you’re not travelling with a tux!

There are also cruise lines which have themed nights which are really popular. Grab a group of girls and head on a Carnival cruise with your 80s Rock and Glow, or Mexican outfits for an evening of laughter!

males formal dress

9. Be Entertained

Why should I take a cruise? To be entertained! Whatever this means to you, the cruises will have it. Almost every ship has some type of Broadway show, plus guest entertainers who are musicians, comedians, magicians etc. There will be live music throughout the ship in various bars or open spaces – choose from boutique cruise lines which will have a more classical style to them, or a larger cruise line which will have a large variety of pop, soul, blues etc.

If you are movie buff, you may enjoy watching a 3D movie in the cinema, or maybe grab some popcorn and watch a blockbuster under the stars.

Like being on stage? You may find a game show with your name all over it, such as Mr & Mrs, or Liar’s Club, where guests can participate in a fun-filled show hosted by the Entertainment team.

For a more relaxing type of entertainment, go grab a book from the library to enjoy or choose from one of the many movies on your TV to enjoy from the comfort of your bed.

why should I book a cruise

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10. Get Fit!

Why should I take a cruise? To get fit! Ok, I may not have too many people agreeing with me here, but hear me out… How often do you have a gym that you can walk to within minutes of your bed? Surely that’s the biggest excuse cancelled out right there! Plus, have you considered how much food you will undoubtedly be consuming on the ship? There needs to be balance people! The gyms on the ships are usually state of the art, with awesome views and are literally calling your name to be used. If you need more motivation, sign up to a spin class or book a session with a personal trainer to keep that bootie in check.

gym equipment and trainers

11. To Dine Like a King!

Why should I take a cruise? To dine like a king, or queen, or whatever you like really, you will just EAT! This should probably have been the first point on my list, but instead it’s the reason I couldn’t stop at 10.

Order that breakfast in bed, or a cheese platter to enjoy with a glass of wine on your balcony. Go enjoy pizza with a side of lobster or steak for lunch, before devouring the most exquisite cakes and scones for Afternoon Tea. Experience fine dining for dinner, or get your hands messy with some tacos.

Don’t forget the desserts, cookies and ice creams, unlimited, literally adding the inches to your waist just looking at them (refer to point 10).

pancakes and cream

So, Why Should I Take A Cruise?

Hopefully the above 11 reasons have convinced you. I could keep going, honestly, there are so many awesome things to do on a cruise, which is the reason that the industry is growing so fast, and why there are so many die-hard loyal cruisers in the world. Fortunately, this current situation will not be stopping them from continuing to book and enjoy these fabulous holidays, but I truly hope it doesn’t stop newbies from trying a cruise too.

If you agree and want to keep sharing the love of this ‘Cruisade’, I’d love you to share this post – thank you!


Thanks for reading, see you next time!

Wendy A x

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  1. The benefits attached with cruising is massive. It can just be the perfect thing to engage into firstly after the quarantine period. Honestly, cruising is full of special moments, times we can spend with out families who we have been apart from. I love the thought of trying new foods and meeting new people too. This is a great post, thank you.

    1. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment Sharon, there really are so many benefits to cruising! I hope to see you on board one day!

  2. Hello there! This is an amazing article you’ve got here, I totally agree with everything you said here. For me, I enjoy cruising for relaxation and also I do it to clear my head anytime I feel I need to do so. 

    Its very necessary for everyone at least once in a while. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes, absolutely, they are one of the most relaxing holidays you can find, especially if you are willing to switch off your phone…! I’m glad you enjoy them too 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to comment! 

  3. After fourteen cruises and our first with Viking, London to Midnight Sun Norway cancelled, yes we would still love to do a Viking and would love to do a Christmas cruise but when who knows, will we ever do any other cruise again I think I can say confidently say no, but we are are probably 60% on board for a Viking but only Australia NZ.

    1. Thanks for reading! Let’s hope cruising gets back up and running again soon, I think Australia will actually be one of the first places to open, along with NZ. Would be nice to see more circumnavigations, and the smaller ports included in itineraries. Is there anywhere you’d particularly like to see in AU?

  4. I have always wanted taking a cruise but have always been procrastinating for reasons I do not even know, but seeing this post I am very convinced that I need some time to cool off, explode and catch some fun, as soon as this pandemic is over I’m taking a cruise, thank you so much for this article, it just reminded me I needed a life.

    1. Thanks for reading Jomata! They are fabulous holidays, you should definitely book one after lockdown is over! 

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