25 Best Cruise Gifts You’ll Want to Order Immediately!

25 best cruise gifts

Can’t think what to buy your loved one for their upcoming birthday? Want to send a ‘thinking of you’ gift to a friend who’s struggling at the moment, or who is perhaps meant to be on a cruise right now and needs some cheering up?

Check out these 25 Best Cruise Gifts to bring a bit of love to their day!

I’ve included two sections, one containing essential items every cruiser should take on board with them, and one which is purely for fun – cos we all need some of that, right?!

Read on…and remember there’s nothing wrong with buying yourself gifts too 😉


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Best Cruise Gifts to Use on Board

1. Humidifier

We always cruise with a humidifier and essential oils. The air conditioning on a ship can be brutal on your voice and lungs, so having this to put some humidity back into the air is really helpful. It’s also soothing to sleep with lavender oils, if you are a light sleeper. These make a great gift as they are portable and can be used anywhere – camping, hotel rooms, your bedroom or even on your desk at work (maybe don’t use the oils for sleeping there!).







2. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Something else I can’t travel without! We love to have music playing, especially when relaxing in the cabin, or when enjoying a drink. This is the Bose we have, which is fairly lightweight to travel with, but gives excellent quality sound. Again, this makes a fab present because it’s portable and can be used on the beach, camping, hotel rooms or at home or the office.

Bose speaker

3. Carry-on Bag

I love to travel with a carry-on bag which doubles as a beach bag or day bag – and some of my fave bags were gifts from friends! A good quality bag which can withstand a bit of bashing around is ideal, so this isn’t the time you want to be picking up a cheap hold-all from a market.

This is a great unisex bag with a shoulder strap and space for a laptop too. A good all-rounder which can double as a weekender bag.


This one has a pull-out handle to be wheeled which is always great to save the weight on your shoulders, especially after a long day travelling with suitcases too.

carry bag with wheels

I love this blue and white waterproof tote bag. Spacious, loads of pockets, perfect for a carry-on as well as for the beach. waterproof tote bag


4. Wash Bag 

I can’t remember the last time I bought a wash bag, my sister buys me a new one every few years and I have absolutely loved them all! As a regular traveller herself, she understands the requirements, being spacious with lots of compartments, but also compact enough to not take up half the bathroom bench!


This one below is large enough to take everything I need with me – I’m not great at travelling light when it comes to toiletries and meds and this has a section for everything!

large wash bag

This is a great one for men too, my husband’s is very similar, he’s had it for years and loves it! The hook is great for hanging over the bathroom door and it’s super slim so doesn’t take up much space.

men's washbag

5. Lanyards

Lanyards are so popular with cruisers because you need to have your key card on you at all times, so having it around your neck just makes sense. If you have booked through a travel agent, they may have some they can give you, but if not, there are lots of cruise-themed lanyards you can buy cheaply.


This pack of 2, red and blue are great as they have a clip to snap off the card when you need to use them, rather than fishing it out of the wallet or pulling it over your head each time (can’t mess up the hair darling.!).

cruise lanyards


6. Over the door shoe holders

These are the best space-saver for your cabin. Wardrobes generally aren’t the biggest, and having your dresses scrunched up over your shoes is never ideal! So, place all your shoes in this holder over the door, and problem solved! This is a great gift for any cruiser, especially if they’ve not thought of it before! It’s was a top tip in my post Best Cruise Packing Tips – Expert Advice.

shoe holder


7. Packing cubes

So, I have to admit, I’ve not yet used these, but I keep being told how life-changing they are…so if anyone wants to buy me one for a gift, please feel free!

packing cubes

8. Fan

This mini fan is an essential item for many cruisers. Not only to control the temperature, but also for some white noise in the cabin if you have noisy neighbours or are in a loud location (tip – try not to book a cabin above the nightclub!).

mini fan



9. Shawl

Every woman needs a shawl on a cruise in my opinion! I personally find the evenings quite chilly with the air conditioning, and when you’re in your fancy evening wear, you will need something to cover your shoulders.

These are great because they’re lightweight to travel with, but a good size, look classy and come in a ton of colours to match any outfit. You can also take it out on an excursion for cover if you are visiting mosques or places of worship. A perfect gift for any woman, even if they don’t cruise.



10. Thermal Coffee Cup / Bottle

I always take these on cruises with me because I hate using single-use plastics, and I like to wander with a drink in hand, not just sit and drink. There are lots of options you can purchase, I like the pattern and size of this one. It keeps drinks hot for up to 12hrs, perfect for the tea or coffee addict.

thermos flask



11. Alarm Clock with Lamp

I absolutely love this product! So many times my phone has adjusted to the GPS time zone, when the ship is operating on a different time, and I’ve missed meetings (uhum, I hope my boss never reads this! Haha!) This alarm clock can be adjusted to stay on ship time, but also acts as a bedside lamp, which is great especially when you’re in an inside cabin. It’s slim and lightweight, so perfect to travel with – this is an awesome gift!

Alarm clock with lamp

12. Cruise First Aid Kit

This is an essential for all travellers, not just cruisers. I always keep one in my car as well as taking it on holiday. Remember that the Medical Centres on board are very expensive (don’t forget your travel insurance!) so having some basics with you is always handy!

Travel first aid kit

Best Cruise Gifts Just for Fun!

Ok, so these are certainly not essentials, but they are my favourite kind of gifts because they’re just fun and will bring a smile to their recipient! Check them out…


13. Mugs

A classic gift anyone will love and it will always come in handy!

Eat, Sleep, Cruise, Repeat! How cute is this?

Cruise mug

No Cruise Control

Cruise mug

What Happens On the Cruise mug

cruise mug

I’d Rather Be On A Cruise

Cruise mug


14. T-Shirts

Perfect for men or women, lightweight to travel with and always a fun gift!

On Cruise Control

cruise t-shirt


My Retirement Plan

cruise t-shirt



First Cruise tshirt

First cruise t-shirt

Keep Calm and Cruise On

Keep calm and cruise on


On Cruise Mode

Cruise t-shirt



15. Bracelets

My parents gave me this Pandora cruise charm for getting my job with Royal Caribbean Australia – I absolutely love it! Pandora have lots of travel related charms, they’re a great present for someone who has everything, or for a really thoughtful gift.

Pandora cruise charm

For the men in your life, these stainless steel bracelets are great, and come in a few different colours and styles.

mens cruise bracelet


16. Necklace

This cruise ship pendant is really cute for the cruise loving female in your life!

cruise ship pendant

This necklace comes with a heartfelt card, which would be a lovely gift for a younger female in your life.

you are my anchor necklace

17. Caps

Everyone loves a cap! This On Cruise Control is a great unisex one perfect for anyone of any age!

on cruise control cap
This Captain and First Mate cap combo is super cute for couples! The pack comes with matching beer holders too!

Captain and first mate caps

This adult baseball Seas The Day cap is just adorable for any female cruiser!

seas the day cap

Looking for a novelty cruise hat, just for a laugh or for a fancy dress party? Here you go!

novelty cruise cap




18. Cabin Decorations/Porthole Decal

If you want to pretend you’re on a ship, or maybe your friends have just booked their first cruise and they’re in an interior room? This is the perfect gift for them!

porthole decal


19. Baggo (Cornhole)

If you’re a regular cruiser with Viking, you’ll know that Baggo gets extremely competitive! Give someone a head start by practicing at home before their next cruise…any family will absolutely love this as a gift!!

Cornhole Baggo

20. Cruise Cuff Links

These ship cuff links are so gorgeous, I think I need to get some for my husband…!! Any guy would love to receive these unique cuff links, and they’d be perfect for any ship formal night!

cruise ship cufflinks



21. Cruise Themed Bedding

Why not pretend you’re on a cruise all year round? These are really awesome gifts for any cruise addict to make their bedroom feel holiday-inspired!

Porthole bedding

porthole bedding


Vintage Anchor Bedding

anchor bedding


Tropical Cruise Ship Bedding


Tropical cruise ship bedding


Pillow/Cushion Covers

cruise Pillow cases


22. Cruise Shower Curtain

These are so cute for a serious cruise lover! It will brighten up any bathroom and make the bather dream they’re back on a ship!

cruise shower curtain



23. Cruise Ship Hand Towel

A subtle nod to a cruise addiction! These tasteful white hand towels will look great in any guest bathroom. A fabulous gift! Cruise ship towel


24. Cruise Jigsaw


During these interesting Covid-19 times, I think jigsaws have become most people’s new-found hobby! What better than a cruise ship jigsaw to commiserate those cancelled cruise vacations?!

cruise jigsaw



25. Selfie stick

Did you even go on holiday if you don’t have photos up on social media to prove it?! This is a fabulous selfie stick/tripod combo which is everything you need to take awesome photos to make your friends jealous! I’m often exploring on my own and love my tripod to capture those moments down picturesque lane ways or on a beach when I don’t have a photographer buddy with me! All your friends will love this gift, even if they don’t cruise!

selfie stick tripod


Wrap Up!

So there you have it, my 25 best cruise gifts! I hope you found something you liked in there, I know there are plenty on my wishlist at the moment!

Do you have anything else you love to give to a cruise lover? Let me know your thoughts on my suggestions.

Also, please do share this if you have friends who may want ideas of what to get you for your next birthday or Christmas present!

Thanks for reading, see you next time 🙂

Wendy A x

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